Constructions and Properties - Aithena Corporation

Aithena Properties and Construction company, is a dynamic and progressive organization that has grown to become a leader in its industry. Since 2011 Aithena has been operating with management consists of highly qualified professionals. In the first place Aithena’s staff always taken-on the challenge of broadening fields of operations and increasingly complex work standards. Doing so, they have constantly acquired new skills and expertise that kept them ahead in the industry where innovation is a way of life.

We are uniquely resourced with end-to-end services to take clients from inspiration – through conceptualization – to realization of planning, design or project delivery in the built, an inspiring vision of the founders to effectively participate in the building through delivering landmark projects to the highest possible quality standard that exceed our customers’ expectations.

We as a construction company are dedicated to complete projects with a high standard of workmanship, efficiency and budget control on time. As a team we achieve these goals by combining our long outstanding family tradition of quality. And personal commitment to each project in which we are involved. Through the team efforts of our talented and dedicated employees, the involvement of companies Director’s in each and every project. Have maintained our reputation as a Company, client can depend on and trust to deliver projects as promised.